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 Recently I was trying to put on an application to control a PC remotely, after browsing via Google finally fixed on my choice of TeamViewer. A simple application but has a function that is quite complete, let alone supported with its use through any PC be it Windows, Linux or MacOS can also be controlled via the smartphone like Android, iOS and WindowsPhone.

What the hell is that TeamViewer? Yes, Teamviewer 9 is a cross-platform remote desktop application because it can be run in various OS such as Windows, Linux, Mac and android-based smartphones, iOS, and Windows devices 8/Windows as well as RT/Windows Phone 8.

 Keep what are the advantages of TeamViewer app? If according to my experience the first time you use teamviewer software and from some remote desktop application I have ever used teamviewer is one of the best, and here are the benefits:

  • Free for personal use.
  • Easy to use Can be used in different OS (windows, linux and Mac) as well as Smartphones (Android, iOS, Windows phone) and so there is no difficulty when you want to control your pc or smartphone from a different OS.
  • Lot features: remote desktop to control another pc, transfer the files to send and retrieve files from a pc or android, chat, video chat etc.
  • Availabile version of the installer and portable installer, making it perfect for those of you who don't like to be able to use this application without the need to install it first.

TeamViewer Setting Control Remotely

Required To Be Able To Remote PC Via The Internet With Teamviewer
For those of you who have not used at all or are having trouble going to control a pc with teamviewer 9 either via the internet, LAN or Wi-Fi (in a network), here are some things you should consider:

  • Make sure both the PC already installed with the same version of teamviewer (for client could use a lower version) example you would be remote to the pc using the version 9 but in your pc is still version 8 then there will be, but if on the contrary the pc client is still version 8 and you have version 9 then this could still be done. 
  • Make sure teamviewer is running on either PC, marked by the rise of ID and password as well as the writings of Ready to connect (secure connection). 
  • If you want to remotely via the internet, make sure both PCs are connected to the internet.
  •  If you want to remotely via LAN, Wifi in one network, make sure the Network settings, the Incoming LAN connections to be accept or accept exlusively.
Here are some of the features shown in the TeamViewer main site;

Open multiple connections in a different tab

Open multiple remote sessions in tabs, as in your browser. For an optimum picture,you can also open all monitors belonging to remote computers in a separate tab. You won't miss anything because the tabs that are opened will always blinks when a newevent occurs on a remote computer, for example a new chat messages from customers.

Wake-on-LAN with TeamViewer

Do you want to ensure access 24 hours/7 days to your computer without having to let it work all the time? Features Wake-on-LAN recently, now you can start your computerfrom a distance every time you need access. This feature only works through another computer using TeamViewer in a local network or through a router.

Protect your TeamViewer account with two-factor authentication

Protect your TeamViewer account from unauthorized access is allowed with two-factorauthentication, just in case if your password falls into the wrong hands. With theauthentication application is created (for example Otentikator Google), you can createsecurity code with your Smartphone. Both codes or passwords needed during thelogin. This two-factor authentication, TeamViewer helps you meet the requirements ofHIPAA and PCI DSS.

Ready for Windows and Mac OS 8.1 X Mavericks

Whether you or your customer from using Windows or Mac OS X 8.1 Mavericks? There is no problem. 9 TeamViewer is also optimized for the operating system.

Save the customer module that has been adjusted

You can now save a module that has been customized with your company's brand(TeamViewer QuickSupport, QuickJoin or Host) in the Management Console you. You or your customers simply download a module are made through individual links.
Using modules that are stored together with your colleagues in your team.
Make lots of different modules, which are tailored to the customers, support providers, or group as required.
The next configuration is applied to the module which is used automatically.
Now see direct review your configuration.
Your customers receive the latest version of TeamViewer automatically during thedownload.
Customize your download link, for example "" or send a short URL.

Copy and paste files, images and text via the clipboard

Copying files, folders, pictures, screenshots, text and tables along with the format from one computer to another via the clipboard. For example to attach a local file to an email to be sent from the remote computer.

Process your customer list in the queued service together with your team

Now set the instant customer support within your team more easily. All listing servicescollected in lining up your service and is identified by the code of the session. Now you can create a new session code manually and then pass it on to your customers in the form of a link. In addition to sharing a TeamViewer ID and password, as you normally do, customers are now able to directly join your session with just one click.Alternatively, the code created automatically, as soon as the customers launchingTeamViewer QuickSupport You have adjusted. In this way, the list of new customersadded to the queued service.

  • Team work: processing a list of services that go together.
  • Assign: Assign a list of the services to you by yourself or a colleague.
  • Making connections through the Connect session: code through the code of the session, without particular devices bonded with and without sharing TeamViewer ID and password.
  • Detailed information: view the status and details of all the lists at a glance, such as the name of the customer, waiting time, description of the problem, the recipient tasks andmuch more.
  • Report: use this information for billing and make more detailed connection report.
  • Notification: receive notification when a new case is delivered.
  • TeamViewer: API to directly integrate this feature into your application.

TeamViewer for API integration into your application

Integrate Your system with TeamViewer, such as helpdesk, ticket, or CRM. The newTeamViewer offers API integration options TeamViewer functionality seamlessly intoyour own working environment:
  • Automatic synchronization TeamViewer account for the user you are administering. for instance with Active Directory
  • Import the report into your software automatically, such as billing or connection log
  • Importing a list of users of Your corporate environment into Management Console
  • Using queued service function directly in your software, for example the code makingsession.

Quick connection through the desktop shortcut

Add a shortcut to all of your computer so that you can connect with the computers in the blink of an eye, at any time, with just two clicks. Enough with drag-drop to attract& certain computers from the list of Computers & Contacts to your desktop

Notification – everything at a glance

TeamViewer now tell you directly in the list of computers You Contact when & newnotifications are available. Stay informed, regardless of wherever you are.
  • The notification will inform you about:
  • List of new services
  • A list of services that are assigned to you
  • Request a new contact to your contact list Computer &
  • Warning regarding the inspection control of the integrated TeamViewer
  • Warning ITbrain is currently


The video Transfer is now faster. Showing the video to Your attendees duringpresentations or view YouTube videos on remote computers in real-time.

Redesigned for easier use

User interface and design the new TeamViewer Contact & Computer. With the newtouch-friendly design. Important buttons will change automatically when You use TeamViewer on a touch device.

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