How to fix a USB Pendrive Detected 0 bytes

A few days ago when I used Flash, it turns out the capacity of Flashdisknya just read 0 bytes. Karna had an awful lot of articles that discuss how to fix the Flash just read 0 bytes, then I try to repeat it in accordance with the fact that I have to prove his righteousness. To address this I use the HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool. As the name implies, this program is basically a tool for formatting the pendrive, so this tool we can use also to format pendrive that cannot be formatted with the default windows format tool.

Here's how to fix Flash 0 bytes by using this program.

  1. 1. Prepare the HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool from
  2. Extract and install program HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool is.
  3. Insert the Pendrive into USB port of the computer
  4. Run application HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool
  5. Specify the drive where the Flash read 0 bytes are attached,
  6. Select the desired File System, Flash is generally formatted with the FAT32 File system.
  7. Click Start to begin formatting the Pendrive.
  8. If a warning window appears, click Yes.
  9. After that, the Flash was able to reuse:D


Welcome to try to fix your Flashdisk just read 0 byte

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