nokiaThis year it became the end point for Nokia, that nokia will not longer exist and will lift the foot from the world of mobile phones. This is because Nokia was acquired by software giant Microsoft, which is the owner of the Windows OS that is so well known through the OS for computers and laptops, tablets and Smartphones as well. Just remembering and following the journey of Nokia from time to time let us browse the wide range of mobile phones that Nokia's phenomenal that have accompanied us in our daily lives to communicate with Nokia Connecting People icon. Series of mobile phone NOKIA ever produced are as follows
nokia-mobira-seriesThe Mobira Series
At the beginning of its Nokia Classic Series features by category The Mobira Series, mobile phones are great and there are usually performed in mobile.Usually if the film is often used by the Gangsters or mafia,
Original Series
This series has a smaller minimum form can already easily on the handheld by hand, although when compared to current mobile phone fairly large, still. And yet this series Phones using the GSM network but still uses analog frequency alias AMPS. One of these was the Nokia 101 Enters the GSM Nokia comes with1000 – 9000 series with various categories, among others;
Nokia 1000 Series – Ultrabasic Series
This phone has the functions and features a very basic Type phone type 1000 is the most simple, yet physically very strong. This phone is designed for emerging markets. Especially for those with pockets full of thin, features make the telephone.
Nokia Series 2000-Series Basic
Cell phones or mobile phones Nokia Series 2000 or beginning with the digit 2 is type hp Nokia are also still in the category of cheap. The difference with the series 1000, this series phones have touched the high-end technologies such as bluetooth and a camera.
Nokia 3000 Series – Expression Series
Cheap series was displayed creatively by Nokia. With a color screen and the ability to take pictures, play music and already has connectivity with a computer(PC) so it was not just the basic make phone calls but also could have music and photos.
Nokia Nokia 4000 series
was not issued a series beginning with the number 4.Why? Yes because in some countries the number is identical with the number 4unlucky.
Nokia 5000-Series Active Series and XpressMusic
Is a mobile phone that is aimed at those who are active. Products under the flag of this series are usually designed to accompany you are jogging or intended tolisten to the music with the series
Nokia Series music really.
Nokia 6000 Series – Classic Business Series
This series has already begun to touch on areas of the business. Although basic,this hp series is equipped with a touch of high-end technology. Series 6000 as itstarted to lose the specificity because of the many Nokia phones with head 6launched. So it's a bit hard give specifications of the smart phone series.
Nokia 7000 Series-Fashion Series/Experimental
Nokia  This series is so unique, sometimes the design is not common, and can enter into a series of fashion or experimental. This series depicts the Guinea pig series.So don't be surprised if nokia phones with the 7 series has a lot of quirks here and there.
Nokia Series 8000-series Premium
The design and materials of the side of their material cell phones in this series are made very premium, premium, meaning the starting price not cheap aka expensive really.
Nokia 9000 Communicator Series
This series became a boom around the year 2005. The time series Communicator is a cool series and became a symbol of success and wealth. Series 9000 was the fore runner of the emergence of the E-series (below). This series uses the Symbian OS, not GEOS. With a design that is already using the qwerty keypad just like a laptop.
Letter E stated Enterprise. Business-oriented, with a minimalist design, feature complete, and very responsive. At least this phone already have capabilities that meet the activities of a businessman or an Executive.
On this N series, nokia is trying to put all this into a mobile gadget. Mobile with first name N is a dream Phone in ancient times only exist in science fiction films.In this series of battery life is also very good for the size of a feature that has been executed.
X Series
High End mobile phone Nokia's newest renewable technology with some even more futuristic design and appear more macho and style. So at a glance picture of the golden age of the Nokia to be engulfed in a new civilization was annihilated. I hope his successor can continue the success of Nokia ever measured his time,

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