Nokia, And The Legend Is Gone

microsoft-nokiaActually there is nothing eternal in this world. After the smart phone business units and service Nokia buying Microsoft, Nokia would fared the same as Ericsson. The company steadily in this decade will disappear from the scene of the worldwide smart phone business. Now all that remains is the telecommunications network infrastructure business of his course. Business smart phones that are so well known and is the main business of Nokia now lost already. Like the body, Microsoft has taken over the heart from the body of a blood-pumping Nokia for his group. To take over the business of this Nokia smart phones, Microsoft is simply issuing a fee of 5 billion u.s. dollars to buy the entire business line devices and the Nokia service, and 2.2 billion u.s. dollars to license his patent. Thus when the amount of the overall Microsoft should release funds amounting to 7.2 billion u.s. dollars. Wow! a fantastic price. Through the acquisition process, Microsoft reserves the right to use the brand Asha and Lumia. While the Nokia brand will still remain held by the original vendor of the Finland. Thus there would be no more smart phones Lumia and Asha from Nokia as both the brand has been owned by Microsoft. In the future, smart phones Lumia and Asha will use the Microsoft brand. Thus Lumia and current Asha became the last products carrying the name of Nokia. The future possibilities of mobile phones Nokia will become shorter and simple than now.
While Nokia still holds the rights to use its own brand Nokia, just for the product featured phone for 10 years into the future, it is as agreed upon agreement of both companies. As a result the future we will no longer find a smartphone with the Nokia brand. Because mobile phones brand Nokia will only be created as brands featured phone that within the next 10 years. It could be all Microsoft smartphones will bear the name of Lumia or Asha or may use a name that is completely new.
It experienced Nokia currently not much different from the Ericsson is also a brand respected enough in his time. And the same thing is now the Nokia was only running a business of telecommunications infrastructure is one of the mainstay business. The same thing happened at Ericsson experienced a shift in business focus when it formed a joint venture with Sony, Sony Ericsson in October 2001. Since Sony, Ericsson acquired does not expect much on her cell phone business and exert its resources for business telecommunications infrastructure today. Finally, Ericsson took off 50 percent of its shares in the joint venture to Sony. In February 2012, Sony paid 1.29 billion US dollars of shares in Ericsson. The Ericsson mobile phone business was over. Taken with Nokia by Microsoft is certainly true, Nokia will be the big vendors are very faithful in using Windows Phone since it has owned Microsoft. But some time ago before officially acquired Microsoft, Nokia had unveiled a smartphone with android Operating system. How luck Nokia smartphone X which has been disseminated to the market, even still there are 2 other products i.e. Nokia X + and XL. Whether his fate will remain in launched on market?
Many predict if Nokia will no longer produce Android-based smartphones since its was acquired by Microsoft for the Finland native producers inevitably must follow all the wishes of its parent company, namely using the Windows Phone operating system for smart phones every produced.
After the completion of this acquisition process, marking the end of gait mobile phone producer Nokia having previously had dominated the market for more than a decade and have left the impression that so deeply in the hearts of lovers of the Mobile. What's especially for those who had a chance to see and feel how the greatness of Nokia in the era of the 90s that so dominated the smart phone market. Until now it is still not known whether Microsoft would still retain the brand Nokia and Lumia on mobile phones that are produced after the acquisition process or not. But Microsoft says that the earlier decisions about that would be made at a later date and there is nothing wrong with the stuff that is already sliding into the market.
However, Nokia will continue to live as the company concentrates on three main business areas, namely infrastructure networking (NSN), Advanced Technologies (development and technology license) and service map (maps HERE).

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