Wall Art Flickr By Yahoo! Has Rolled

Yahoo! has recently announced the launch of wall art Flickr. With this wall art, you can now decorate your home, Office, or room with more than 50 million images of stunning artwork.

According to Yahoo!, via this wall art as well, you can not only change your personal photo to photostream with printout sekualitas paintings in museums to hang on the wall, but can also order manually selected collection of images of the works of the artists and the Creative Commons licensed from Flickr.

For the first time community Flickr can buy licensed Flickr artists ' works directly on Flickr. While the photographers can sell their works directly on Flickr. The photographer is part of the marketplace of Flickr. According to Yahoo!, Flickr and his team have chosen photos Flickr-licensed options as well as interesting, with popular categories like abstract, landscape, travel, animals, and more. They can be searched and purchased.

For example, if interested in interstellar dreamscape, you could see NASA Goddard, one of the many notable account on Flickr, with a photo that includes flames of the Sun taken with an infrared camera, galaxies-coated gas from outer space, and the Earth's amazing photos (taken via satellite). To order a photo you like, you can simply select a photo, click the icon "wall art", and order the desired paper size 8 "x 10" to 20 "x30".

Flickr also provides Premium Photo Mounts are printed with quality professional grade paper. This product is available with textured wood edges one inch wide. You can also select a Gallery Wrap Canvas, canvas professional painter used which runs on a traditional wooden frame as wide a 1.25 ". According to Yahoo!, they are ready to be sent to the whole world.

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