Identify Code Error in Google's Play

Hi Androiders, maybe you're very familiar and is no stranger to the name GooglePlay. Yup!, a special application provided by Google on Android phones for search or download and buying games and applications. There, you can choose for free or buy application is up to anything we want.

But have you ever encountered an error while opening  GooglePlay apps, and its error message keeps us busy and confused about that error. Sometimes the problem error in GooglePlay appears at starting or when downloading the application. You can no longer download the game, looking for additional applications on your mobile phone and enjoy other advantages. This is certainly very annoying isn't it?

Well, here are some solutions or tips that are useful to us when it encountered an error problem in the  GooglePlay apps. GooglePlay will usually display a message pop up about the error that occurred when there was an issue on at the installation or update the application. However, this error message is sometimes not only shaped the text and explains how to fix or resolve the problem. For example: error 921: Unknown error code during application install (921). After I tried to find out on the internet and a search on Google, I try to share a little information about the error codes and their meanings. There also exists a solution how to fix any of these issues or errors.

Here's some error code which often appear in Google Play:

Error 403
Solution: this Issue usually appear on devices that have multiple accounts. Make sure you are accessing Google Play Store from one account is correct. Next, uninstall the application that you want to update and re-download via the right account.

Error 491
Solution: Remove Google account you are okay, and then add the account to reset and clear the data from Google Services app (Settings in the Application Manager > > Google Services).

Error 495
Solution: remove data from Google and Google Play Service Framework apps (Settings in the Application Manager > > Google Play and Google Services). Then, remove your Google account, restart the device and add the Google accounts of his birthday.

Error 919
Solution: the device you have run out of storage space. You can clear the cache, remove applications that are not needed or delete pictures and videos that is not necessary.

Error 921Solution: clear the cache from Google Play app (Settings in the Application Manager > > Google Play). If the error is still there, delete the data from Google Play app (Settings in the Application Manager > > Google Services). If this issue still appears, delete your Google account and add back.

Thus the light tips about some sample code errors that often appear in the application GooglePlay, maybe when there is a shortage you can add more in the comments field, thank you for take the time to read this article.

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