Google Chrome Fastest Browser Ever

Google Chrome, who is not familiar with Google's browser. Since the Beta version of its first output, the browser is consuming the attention of internet users. With the release of this browser is also increasing competition for this browser exists. And from my experience using all types of browsers, maybe I prefer Google Chrome. Because the browser is more reliable, faster and lighter in the use of sources on the computer. What are the advantages and benefits of the new version of Chrome?The latest version of Google Chrome was released until version 6, which means that Google is more serious in developing its flagship browser. And within less than one year, users of Google Chrome jumped significantly between rival browsers with a fair and reasonable percentage accounted for existence. The latest version, Chrome sixth fastest growing, more stable than previous versions and this time with additional support for extensions, bookmarks synchronization with better management, sync your browser preferences and HTML5 support the latest innovations. And the newest themes that can display your own compensation, according to your wishes and tastes makes this browser the look more interesting and attractive. Based on WebKit, the open-soure wore the same with the power of Apple's Safari browser, Google's mobile Android platform and other web browsers, but this time with the latest JavaScript engines are different and more sophisticated, the more rapid course, with a very drastic change from the first time appearance. Changes in a simple toolbar, Chrome puts the tab is now at the top. Displacement 'Tab' and 'windows' that can drag and drop, and tabs may be set arbitrarily us. And when the crash occurred, the tab will be set right again. And the latest that search box has now been integrated into a hybrid'omnibox ', ranging from advice to the url taken from browser history and the advice of your search engine, this site makes the search faster and more specific, what we want. By Application Shortcuts, a feature that lets you create desktop icons for your web applications, like Gmail, stealth mode, lets you browse without cookies, history records, which can work with all existing extensions. Unlike previous versions, Chrome 6 is now far more weighty and more stable. So the browser Chrome 6 become eligible for your use of the habit of wearing your web browser. Have you had it? If you want it please you click here to download or you can directly download on the official website.

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