Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Device Low Energy But A More Powerful

bluetooth 4.0 Bluetooth communication devices apply almost all wireless devices on this one, the device without wires is the most practical and versatile. It is usually used for data communication between devices with each other. Bluetooth is more popular on mobile phones, from oldest to most recent output. But you know, the latest version of Bluetooth technology is now a Bluetooth version 4.0.

Bluetooth is a tool the most efficient data communication, especially combined with mobile devices that have very high mobility. This device must-have device in the current era. Maybe some of us more familiar and often used with Bluetooth Technology Bluetooth 1.0 or Bluetooth 2.0 to 3.0 on our mobile devices.

And now, about mid-December 2009, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) announced the adoption of latest technology which is much more energy efficient / battery in the Bluetooth Core Specification Version 4.0 or shortened to Bluetooth 4.0.

Bluetooth low energy technology is the enrichment of low-energy Bluetooth Core Specification for the technology commonly used in various devices use sensor. In this new version will have some new features, which simply may be we understand to be super efficient electricity consumption but still able to work until many years in the form of coin batteries only. Plus a richer range of capabilities and interoperability to a lot of products making a lot cheaper production costs.

Technically, there are 2 types of implementation of the Bluetooth Core Specification, namely dual-mode and single-mode. In the dual-mode, low-energy Bluetooth functionality integrated into the Bluetooth controller Classic. As a result, the function of the Bluetooth radio in the Classic more leverage but more minimal cost (compared to ordinary Bluetooth Classic). Besides the manufacturer can use a Bluetooth chip Classic today (Bluetooth V2.1 Bluetooth V3.0 EDR or HS) with a low pile of new energy so that it can enrich the ability of Bluetooth devices that still use Classic.
Single-mode chips, widely used in a highly integrated compact device, will present the Link Layer lightly with idle mode ultra-low power, detection is more simple, and transfer data point-to-multipoint more stable, low-power and more secure encryption with the lowest possible price. Link Layer in this controller will activate the sensor is connected to the Internet to schedule low-energy Bluetooth traffic between Bluetooth transmissions.

So what to do with us as users of mobile phones?

If previous use of Bluetooth will constantly make hp heat or battery draining so quickly exhausted, in the future something like that would be reduced drastically.
So it is with security. If during data transfer via Bluetooth is prone intervention, will transfer data more secure and more stable. The range of distances between devices was expected to become even wider.
Okay, just simply sharing a light info. Greetings bloggers!

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