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Google Earth 6 has just released the latest version of , 3Dimension latest mapping software. In this latest release a lot of additions, including 3D-shaped tree, drawing a more integrated way, and the ease of finding images old location. Of course the new features are making the look more realistic and accurate.

With this latest Google Earth you can find the location when you're small, visiting areas that have not been visited, or search for a holiday location with a more realistic picture. And one of the advantages Google Earth 6 this latest release is the ability to display images in 3D makes the trees seemed to look real. Not just one but dozens of tree species there in Google Earth 6. And forms and shapes are all exactly the same as the one in several major cities.

According to the info Google has "planted" 80 million trees in big cities such as Athens, Berlin, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, and Tokyo. They also are still developed to some other city. In order to suppress symptoms of Global Warming.

And Another advantage offered by Google Earth 6 of this latest release is the ability to explore the streets at the destination. Using the keyboard or mouse, you can walk the streets in places that you want addressed more concretely. This feature greatly facilitates us in navigating and searching the .

One other feature is the Google Earth 6 now has the ability to display images of the past. Because, sometimes, in previous versions is difficult to see if the location you are looking for is still the same as before. With Google Earth 6 problems solved.

Download Google Earth 6 Release here!

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