New Faces of Facebook Profile Page

Profile Page Facebook There is a change in the profile in , yup! please check your own profile FB, now more fresh than ever. Because recently Facebook change the appearance on the page. been completely overhauled for the user profile page, What's changed? Let's check there.

What has changed? Facebook again make changes to a new look. Substantial changes are more visible in the user profile page. According to news delivered directly in the official blog of Facebook, one noticeable change is in the "introduction" in the user profile page.

And if you open your profile page, just below the user name on the left , there will be noticeable changes to a row of information, such as Wall, Info, Photos and Friends who previously exist in the middle of the page now shifted to the left side and also photographs of friends seem more big march down. And in the middle visible range, names, and General Information such as Name, Occupation, Education Lastly, Weddings and more. Then, below it will be posted photos on new profiles appear, then followed the latest activities of the user. Then in the right column there will be visible message, Poke, People May You To Know and a row for the ad.

For this new look, I think it makes your profile page more simple and neat as well as more focused / not messy. And for those of you who are still curious and want to try a new look profile, you can visit here!

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