Download ARTAV Internet Security 2.1 Indonesian Local Antivirus

ARTAV logo of antiviral-made youth one of Indonesia, which has latest released an update ARTAV, latest version. It still sounds strange to me, because I think this is a new antivirus but when viewed capability is enormous. Antivirus even this has been able to compete with similar local anti-virus like , ANSAV, PCMedia AV and many more. Ability in dealing with virus-no less with antivirus premium / paid. And that certainly is FREE Antivirus or freeware by the author. What are and how ARTAV Internet Security 2.1.


Whats New on ARTAV Internet Security 2.1

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New Features In ARTAVIS 2.1:

  • USB-Protected
  • Virus Type-Database
  • System Requirements
  • Monitoring Radar (Scan Whole Computer AV In silents Like Outer Example: AVG, Norton, etc.)
  • Online Update (Not Perfect)
  • Auto-Virus Detected In Quarantine
  • Silent Scan-USB

Improvements in this version:

  • Minimize To Tray Being Able to Go to the Taskbar Tray can also
  • With Click-LinkScanner
  • Disable & Enable StartUp
  • Full Translate language
  • Scanning-Process (Task Manager) With Open Force
  • Scanning Menu (Scanning Full Computer, Running System, USB, etc.)
  • ARTAV-RTP-Icon Replaced
  • With Encrypt & Decrypt Quarantine System
  • Full-RTP-ARTAV Detected from Database

Heuristic Update:

  • Unknown Virus (11 Variant)
  • Sality-Alman (ARTAV-Salman)
  • VBS.YUYUN (10 Variant)
  • Nimba
  • W32.Trojan
  • Virut/Vitro

Other AV List ARTAV The Support by:

  • AVG Antivirus / Internet Security
  • Free-Avira, Premium
  • Norton Antivirus & Internet Security
  • SmadAV
  • KAV & KIS
  • AV-Morphost

And to update it online according to the manufacturer in his official site may still not perfect or still under repair and might be able to run on certain computers.

Download Latest Version Here!


Download ARTAV Internet Security 





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