Try Opera Mobile Emulator For Desktop PC

, I have posted previously , where software applications OperaMini a JAVA-based mobile phone. This time I will discuss about , Opera Mobile is a software application-based mobile phones smartphones such as Symbian, Windows Mobile and . Of course, all mobile phone users more familiar with the Opera browser for mobile phones, be it with JAVA applications or Smartphone. But if you've tried Opera Mobile application is run via the PC desktop, how the Opera Mobile versions of desktop PCs.

Opera Mobile Emulator first came out in April 2010, the Opera Mobile version 10 for S60 and Windows Mobile. And now the latest update release of Opera Mobile Emulator with Opera Mobile version 10.1 and has support for S60 and Android devices.
Opera Mobile Emulator is a software that is deliberately created by the ASA Software or the Opera browser that point to how with mobile devices and software are made exactly the same as with Opera Mobile to Mobile.

With Opera Mobile emulator course, we can feel, try and test the capabilities of smartphones based mobile phone applications. For those of you who want to test and debug the site to fit a mobile-friendly application like this is perfect, because with this emulator we can review our site's appearance to fit mobile devices. Of course without the need for a physical phone or some virtual machine that mimics Mobile operating system.

With this emulator you can try Opera Mobile version to be used through Windows, Linux and Mac, a small and lightweight application to install on your desktop machine and run the exact same code with its mobile version. This will be a new experience in browsing through a mobile device with your desktop PC.

Launcher Opera Mobile Emulator Apps

Launcher Oprea Mobile

(1) Profiles
The first section in the launcher is "Profile". The drop down menu in here allows you to select different phone profiles to launch, for example "HTC Hero", "HTC Desire", etc. You can then select different further options for these profiles, and launch them using the "Launch" button at the bottom of the launcher.
(2) Screen resolution
Mobile phones come in varying shapes and sizes. The screen resolution can be changed by choosing between the different options in the "Resolution" drop down menu. You can also create your own custom resolutions using the "Add" button (you'll be prompted to enter a width, height, and name for your new resolution), and delete the existing ones using the "Remove" button.
(3) Pixel density
In the same manner as screen size, you can choose the pixel density your want using the dropdown menu in the "Pixel Density" section of the launcher. As above, you can select options from the menu, add your own custom ones, and remove options as you see fit.
(4) Input
The "Input" section of the launcher contains a dropdown menu with two options to choose from - "Touch" and "Keypad". If you choose the former, basically you'll control the resulting Opera Mobile instance by clicking the mouse on the screen; if you choose the latter, you'll control it using the keyboard. See the Controls: the touch and keypad modes section below for more details on controlling the application.
(5) Launch Opera Mobile Via Emulator


Opera Mobile Launch SoftAndRose on Opera Mobile

For More Details about Opera Mobile Emulator to go official Dev site.