Feel The Sophistication Of The Android OS x86 Froyo In Your PC

Download and Install Android OS x86 Froyo

android-x86-120 Android Froyo in mobile smartphone, it’s common. What if ? This is just the difference, what Android can be installed in addition to the Mobile smartphones. Yup! Now you can try and feel the sophistication of the Android operating system not only on the phone and without the emulator, but can be applied to any device such as on a PC, laptop, notebook, tablet PC and can also be used on the iPhone device. Well, is a multi-function operating system. But how?

Installing Android OS Froyo on the PC its very easy, and certainly Android is certainly not using any other media or the emulator again, but straight Android operating system installed on your PC. It's as if we install the OS Windows or Linux OS.

To install Android OS on a PC of course what we need is an external storage media such as CD or DVD, and put and burn an ISO raw files in the form of booting software for Android OS installation later. Please here. And I recommend to download a stable version because this version has been tested and can be used successfully by many testers.

If you've finished downloading the ISO file Android OS we need, now lets we move or convert that’s ISO file to Boot CD/DVD earlier. We can use the application burning a CD / DVD burner like Nero or any CD Burning media Apps to move/convert the ISO file to booting CD / DVD media.


If you are still confused how to install Android OS on your PC, you should download the document file first here for more details step by step how to install this operating system.

After the CD / DVDs have become, to try the CD / DVD installation should be our first test using VirtualBox or can also use VMware before we put on the PC later. This function for CD / DVD x86 Android OS installation that will be used to prevent failures before it is installed on your PC or other device.


Well, if you feel steady and no problems during installation. Now it was just you try it on the device you want. It is very easy right?

This operation system has been tested by members of the tester of this Android OS on multiple devices including;

  • ASUS Eee PCs / Laptops
  • Viewsonic Viewpad 10
  • Dell Inspiron Mini Duo
  • Samsung Q1U
  • Viliv S5
  • Previous ThinkPad X61 Lenovo Table

Okay, good luck,,,,

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