Google Android 3.0 HoneyComb Latest Release OS For Tablet PC

Latest news about Android from Google's Android developers, Google recently released a new OS for mobile phones, . This time Google gives a surprise with the Google Android 3.0 new project code-named Honeycomb. What is Google Android is the latest?

This is the first time Google officially published details about an open source operating system for the Android Mobile operating system is Google's Android 3.0 codenamed Honeycomb. The operating system is deliberately created by Google for the Tablet PC. And it seems Google does not want to lose competitiveness with a device that is in tune a lot of people, iPad.

Google officially introduced this operating system in the event the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), a largest event for the exhibition of cutting-edge electronic products which took place from 6-9 January 2011 today in Las Vegas - United States.

According to the Google claims that Android Operating system is the latest generation is designed specifically only for the tablet PC with a larger screen and wider than normal, virtual and holographic user interface and do not miss the flexibility to support multi-tasking for users who expected a much better fit with increasing market demand for Tablet PC devices.

Android 3 Honeycomb

And Google's plan to equip the operating system with built-in Google applications such as browser Chrome, Google's eBook, Google Maps, 5 which has been equipped with a 3D Building and also Google's Android Talk.Dan 3.0 3D desktop comes nuances seem present in this latest operating system, plus more interactive and optimal various Android features in a sophisticated tablet computer.

And if you're still curious how and what is Google Android 3.0 Honeycomb consider the video of Android 3.0 Android developers has been released on the Youtube site.

Google Android 3.0 HoneyComb Preview

  Thats Cool, What do you think, choose where iPad or Android?

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