Hot Issue Facebook Closed On March 15

Did you hear that circulate hot issue right now? Yup, according to . This is good news or bad news? Is it true the rumors that said that Mark Zuckenberg Facebook will end on March 15, 2011, the founder of is expressed as quoted from an article written there WeeklyWorldNews that the reason for the closure was due to manage services that make it stressed and depressed. This is a real issue or just a mere Hoax?
, In its news on January 8, yesterday, the Weekly has quoted Zuckenberg who said "". This explanation was reinforced through press conference outside the headquarters in Palo Alto Facebook. And even this news news spread so quickly, if all people believe it with the posting of the article. It's not easy so just all believers, even the leadership of a technology consultant at SOPHOS Graham Cluley stated openly in his blog that the issue up close on March 15, it is not true, the news just a mere hoax that spread like fire that grabbed. And Facebook not going to end on 15 March, Mark Zuckenberg say never say anything about it as news circulated today. And it is admitted that this news can not be stopped and many Facebook users who spread the message.

He also deplored the many users who link Facebook article from the Weekly, Graham via his blog also critized the credibility of WeeklyWorldNews that often proved to disseminate false news and can not be trusted as well as frequent rumors.
Graham could not deny the site looks so real and sound convincing to all who read it. And he considers that most of the writing is full of stitches quote here and there and was impressed Hyperbola. For example with a load of quotations deliberately contrived as if it were from a representative of Facebook, who said on Facebook users that they might lose their pictures. "After March 15, will all be turned off site" said Vice President of Technical Affairs Facebook, Avirat Humarthi. "So if you still want to see your photos again I recommend to take from the internet right now, you will not be able to get all of that later once the Facebook out of business"
Graham was openly opposed to the statement, he even stressed to all users Facebook for thinking clearly and intelligently to keep awake and keep abreast of recent developments concerning false news or Hoax these, malware attacks and scams are becoming rampant in Facebook. The reason this makes sense or just a hoax, and this is very ironic if it Facebook will close its business fields.
Moreover, reportedly Facebook get fresh cash injection from Goldman Sachs for 450 million dollars, not to mention the purchase of shares of any previously predicted Facebook officially announced plans to sell its shares to the public (IPO) in 2012.
Now your turn, believe it or not, now the choice is your hands?

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