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Angry Bird Angry Bird, hmmm, maybe this game is already be familiar to you. The gameplay is simple to eliminate eye fatigue when you're getting tired of staring at screens all day.
Yup! I sure would like to game on this one, because a lot of challenges and obstacles and you will continue to be challenged to try and try in every level.

Green pigs that are really very annoying. It was crushed by timber, the oppressed, stuck, but still intact, not quickly destroyed or erupt. The birds that attack him even more resentful only. They kept asking themselves with slingshots and produce various styles glide to destroy the pigs hidden in forts made of wood, glass and stone. The pigs were still laughing, mocking and insulting. Hey, hey, hey,,, really sucks,,,

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This is the little way the story of the Games Angry Bird is very simple. This game is made by Rovio, a small company in Finland. The gameplay is already very popular in the gadget of iPhone , has been downloaded about 50 million times in 2010. With a selling price that is not too expensive just one U.S. dollar for iPhone, and from this game Rovio already get profit reach 8 million U.S. Dollars. Revenue is also reinforced its position as the biggest-selling mobile applications in the iPhone throughout 2010.

So with his success then made to the version of Android and dispersed in the form of free, though we must be willing to accept advertising displays on the screen when going to play this game. Yup! so, its free dude.

And this is done also by Nokia with the bundle in their latest phones. Of these ads Rovio be earning quite a lot about 1 million U.S. dollars, just in time span of October to December 2010. Wow, incredible.

Not only that, after success in the mobile phone screen is rumored sequel to this game will be appointed to the big screen. And will soon be producing and circulating on the cinema screen.

Hmmm, what you're still curious about this game Angry Bird. And want to try the challenges in each level.

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