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ARTAV Rev.1 Logo Yup! time went by, once again busy in work and to the extent it’s blogs are not updated as usual. But it's okay, though busy I will still try to update the information and media sharing as much as possible.

Okay, this latest news coming from the developer Local Anti Virus Indonesia. Which Antivirus ARTAV recently has released the latest update of ARTAV Antivirus Rev.1. According to the official site states that ARTAV Antivirus to the latest release version of the time, ARTAV AntiVirus program has done a complete overhaul from . ARTAV AntiVirus and this time it really fresh, because the team has revolutionized ARTAV out for all systems and antivirus Code is from the beginning.

Hemmm! a complete overhaul, such as whether ARTAV Antivirus latest update release this time.

Yup! According to the information available for this time   development team of ARTAV did a lot of changes and some additions in the latest features which I think is different from previous versions. Nah! As to whether the changes and additions to the features in the latest version ARTAV this time, consider the following as followed on his official website.


ARTAV Antivirus RTP

Key Features:

  • ART HybScan:
    That is the Latest Features artav with Hybrid Scan system that can make
    speed, accuracy, precision, and accuracy in scanning
  • ART Lock:
    ART Lock will automatically
    create a folder on Drive C: \ Extension Hidden and function also to store
    quarantined virus file
  • ART Registry:
    This feature is a feature that serves to scan and repair damaged windows registry
    ART speed HybScan
  • Quarantine
    Standard features ARTAV to quarantine the virus is detected, with new additional menu "Delete All"


  • Reduction of memory resources being used and the size ARTAV
  • Substitution Checksum from MD5 to the M31 Pattern
  • ART Tools (Process Manager, Virtual Keyboard)


  • ART HybScan v1.0
  • ART Virtual Keyboard v1.0
  • ART Realtime Protection with File Scanned.
  • ART Quarantine (Quarantine Latest from ARTAV Team)
  • Removable Scan (On Menu Scan Options)
  • Addition Heuristic;
    • Icon
    • VBS
    • Arrs
  • ARTAV Antivirus Rev.1 has also been successful Taming Antivirus Test File is "EICAR"
  • The addition of 275 viruses on the Database are:
    • W32/Kryptik\
    • W32/Kryptik.ANH
    • Stuxnet.A Shortcut
    • Delp
    • BlackId
    • Almanahe
    • Symbian: Cabir, Commwarr, Kuntilanak, Deatnote I-II, Beselo, etc.
    • Injection
    • Sality
    • W32/Ramnit A - C
    • Autorun Ramnit
    • Application-Fake, Fake Fake Antivirus System and                         
    • W32/Virut.Variant.C
    • Etc.

Well, for those of you who are curious about the latest draft Antivirus ARTAV this time you can download it directly on his official website.


And ARTAV Team has also provided the latest release for the Premium version and Advanced, which certainly Premium version is very different this time with a free version. How to do? Quite easily, in his official website has provided two versions ARTAV paid for anti virus this time, simply by donating ranging from Rp.20.000 or US$2 until Rp.50.000 or US$5  we can get the premium version ARTAV AntiVirus. Yup! I think that much value is nothing compared with the safety and comfort of an AntiVirus.

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