Firefox Nightly And Aurora New Channel Future Release

aurora-nighly-beta-logos Hottest and latest news for you fans of the browser Mozilla, Firefox. Mozilla Firefox is now the most diligent in updating and development and enhancing security and stability, not long ago for . Recently, Mozilla has released several new channels for the Firefox browser as well.

What’s New on the latest Channel from Firefox?


Until now, there are three channels to test the new features in Firefox:

  • Nightly & Aurora Test Build
    • Includes the feature is not tested by the Mozilla QA
  • Firefox Beta
    • The stability test new features and improvements on the next version of Firefox
  • Firefox Final Release
    • Providing polished and stable feature in Firefox to hundreds of millions of users


A few weeks ago after Mozilla is started to introduce 4 channel software development along with new logos, Mozilla has reportedly now started to move forward with the re-release of the latest browser based on the early line for the first time. With the approach of the release of Firefox 5, it becomes clear that everything seemed accelerated to bring new features to its users and to provide convenience for developers who work using Firefox.

Further details about the channel's latest release available recently, including channel name and logo. Now there will be four channels in its development, and Aurora became the new channel was created for these experimental releases.


Firefox 5 which enters the channel first Aurora development or rather merge mozilla-center (Nightly) with channels mozilla-aurora, reportedly now been released. And it's not more than one copy Nightly development recently. In the latest Nightly channel development was complemented by the presence of branding and a new About box, while the Aurora was named channel development and use logos Nightly Minefield. However, any minor differences seem to be quickly restored. Aurora logo and branding will be added in future versions of renewal.


About Display box that is likely similar to Minefiled. But the difference is on display this new found drop-down menu that allows its users to switch to the other three major channels such as Aurora, Beta and Release. And is reportedly already been implemented by Chrome on some time ago.

So far apparently have not seen too much difference between Firefox 4 and 5 Aurora Build Firefox (which is labeled as Firefox 4.2a1pre). And the future Firefox 5 may still be struggling with the adjustment of the latest release schedule and development model than with the need to add new features. If all goes according to plan, Firefox 5 will be released again within a period of approximately three months from now.

The first Aurora release includes performance, security and stability improvements. Visit this site for .


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