Get ARTAV Antivirus 2.7 Download Update Released

ARTAV logos Well, is extraordinary. Not even one month, this time also has been re-launched release the newest update to ARTAV Antivirus 2.7. And to update now so many features and additions also improved features from previous versions.

Yup! Whats new on now?

ARTAV Antivirus 2.7 Menu


ARTAV Antivirus main2


  • Replacement Icon2-on view
  • FilterFile CheckOption
  • Improvement and Heuristic on the Menu Settings
  • Improved ListView on ARTAV
  • RealTime Protection List
  • Partition in Scanning Virus With Result
    Technique On
  • reshuffle Scanning Process


  • Addition of Information Directory and Condition
  • Addition of Time When Scanning Time
  • Addition and Uncleaned Result In Report Form ART
  • Enhancements-Message Announcer hal2 As performed on ARTAV-ART
  • RegFix Enhancements That Feature For The Error Replacing Scanning System Registry Scan
    The addition of Animation-Scan
    Variant Virus
  • Additions:       
    • WORM/Kido.IH                 
    • TR/ATRAPS.Gen                 
    • TR/SymbOS.SrvSender.a               
    • TR/Click.VBiframe.ddl        
    • DR/Gifar.Gen Dropper                
    • TR/Stuxnet.m                
    • TR/Spy.10752.51               
    • W32/Virut.AG               
    • VIRUS.MEL.MOKY                
    • VIRUS.MSOFFICE.CHANEL              
    • VIRUS.MSOFFICE.CODEMAS                
    • VIRUS.MSWORD.17TH-18th-               
    • VIRUS.WIN32.AFGAN.A                
    • VIRUS.WIN32.AFGAN.B                
    • VIRUS.WIN32.AFGAN.C                
    • VIRUS.WIN32.AFGAN.D               
    • VIRUS.WIN32.AFGAN.E                
    • VIRUS.WHS.DEBYR                
    • VIRUS.WINPIF.LYS                
    • VIRUS.BEOS.KATE                
    • VIRUS.1C.TANGA.A                
    • VIRUS.KIX.IXLAM.A               
    • VIRUS.FREEBSD.WOWOOD.1200               
    • BACKDOOR.WIN32.ACIDOOR.11                
    • BACKDOOR.WIN32.ACIDSENA              
    • Etc.            
    • (Total 220 New Virus)

Now, to here. And for those of you who dont want installing to your computer can use here.

Yup! Hopefully useful,,,

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