BBM In Your Windows 8
Who is not familiar with BBM? Yup! I'm sure everyone knows what it is BBM or instant messages, BlackBerry Messenger made by Research In Motion Canada is now becoming a trend and lifestyle of today's internet users, compared with other BBM messenger is superior to the number of users. In fact, only applications that are found in the Blackberry mobile device, but now messenger invasion almost to all platform devices from smart phones, Android and iPhone Windows Phone until finally, BBM excels in terms of user privacy, and ease of use.

But why BBM was not made for the PC, such as the desktop version of Windows OS. Yea! Perhaps because it is not flexible. But for those of you Office people who are busy on the screen of the monitor, to open the BBM on the mobile phone device while in Office may be less effective.
Nah! Now I will give you tips to overcome the Sharpshooter. How to install BlackBerry Messenger BBM/application in Windows OS computer device, be it a Windows XP, Windows 7 or the latest Windows OS 8.

How to install BBM on a Desktop PC with Windows OS
The first thing to note is that our computer spec,
  • The Minimum specifications for FUEL could put in Windows are;
  • Windows XP Service Pack 3, the latest version of the Windows OS or later
  • Windows Installer 4.5 (Windows XP-specific)
  • .NET Framework 2.0 SP2 (Specifically Windows XP)
  • Minimum of 2 GB of RAM Memory or more
  • Only the default Installation File on Drive c:/
  • The latest VGA drivers, for those that haven't been updated, please update it first
  • And the installation process is mandatory for the internet connection that is fast and stable
After the specification of the device the computer is considered quite adequate, then we start to preparations for the installation of BBM apps of Windows OS version, here I'll give a step by step installation;.
  1. Download the BlueStack Apps, select the appropriate version of Windows on your computer
  2. After you finish downloaded install BlueStack on your computer, you're done!
  3. Oops! The process has not been completed. Once attached, click the shorcut on desktop and later automatically download the required installation files, please wait and be patient it may take considerable time to process the download completed
  4. once the download is complete, please wait until installation process is finished
  5. After the installation process has been completed, BlueStack now proceed with the installation of the BBM
  6. to install BBM we download it first through from PlayStore, search and install!
  7. once the BBM is already installed in the BlueStack, staying open on BBM applications such
  8. create your BBM account, enter the account you have
  9. or can also sign up for a new account that has not been had, wait until your account is verified.
  10. now your BBM can be used perfectly on your Desktop PC, though with the help of emulators. Important prakstis and simple.
  11. Keep what if have to upload files/images to BBM server, Yup! It's very easy, you live search application ES File Explorer in your virual Android and then plug it in.
  12. Install the ES File Explorer in the BlueStack. Then search the files we copied earlier on BST shared folder. Click and hold for a moment, then copy it to the desired spot, the picture folder for example. Then the next upload search files in that folder.

You're Done! BBM you've installed in your Windows OS, now you no longer to simply open the news of ribet via BBM through your PC. Many Thanks, and good luck,,,

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